Maybelline Color Show Kohl Liner No. 130 Graphite Grey Review and Swatch

Maybelline Color Show Kohl Liner No. 130 Graphite Grey (1g/0.035 oz)
Oh, hello there. I see that you are a kohl eyeliner...nice to meet you. I don't normally get involved with kohl liners...but for you, I think I could make an exception. 

I stumbled upon a new kohl liner collection from Maybelline's Color Show line at Shoppers Drug Mart down on 17th Ave and kinda got suckered in. To be fair, there were so many pretty colours - how could I not? I grabbed one in Graphite Grey as I was in the market for a grey liner and it seemed like it would be a nice one to try. 

As usual, I can't seem to find any info from Maybelline's website. They sure do like to sneak products into their displays without letting any of us know about it. 

Fear not, I will give you all the details. After all, isn't that why I'm writing this?

The liner is in a pencil form that requires sharpening. While this is the typical packaging for kohl liners, I do kind of hate having to sharpen them. I always manage to make a mess. The pigmentation is great and the consistency is smooth. I had no tugging on my eyelid as I applied it.

Kohl liners work best if you intend to smudge them out. I tried wearing this liner in a more straight line effect, but if you touch your eyelid, it will smear off. The liner is not waterproof, so it's best to smudge it out for a smokey effect.

I only say them at Shoppers Drug Mart for $6.49. They should be in all stores throughout Canada in the coming weeks though. 

Let me know your thoughts!

How do you like to apply kohl liners?

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