NEW from Stila: Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss

Another new release from Stila's Fall 2014 Collection - Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss! Looks like these little guys fall into the magnificent metals collection that Stila brought out last year with the shadows. 

Not going to lie, I have never been a fan of Stila's Lip Glazes as I find the formula very sticky, I dislike the scent (mint) and I really do not like the applicator. 

However, I am totally drawn into the packaging of these Magnificent Lip Glosses. I mean...they look kind of high-end, no? Stila is one of those brands that fall into the middle of drugstore and highend. So, to see this kind of luxury packaging...I'm all over it. 

Also, do you see the little gold hearts around the top of the tube? How many of you remember drawing those in your notebooks? They would connect and you could make a border around your page. Memories!

I'm guessing that the formula on these will be different as they have called them a gloss versus a glaze. I'm also betting that it is a new formulation for us to make our little judgements on. Lot's of fun!

Anywho, let's get into the nitty gritty! 


Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss 
0.11 oz
$23 US on
Six  colours

Inspired by the runway, Stila's cutting edge formula is infused with conditioners and micro-fine pearls that leave lips with a luxurious, satin-shimmer finish. It is Stila's modern metallics, at its finest.

Kitten (sparkling nude champagne)
Garnet (shimmery wine)
Rose Quartz (sparkling nude pink)
Pink Sapphire (iridescent light pink)
Moonstone (shimmery sheer pink)
Citrine (nude shimmer)
STILA  Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss Kitten
STILA  Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss Garnet
STILA  Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
STILA  Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss Pink Sapphire
Pink Sapphire
STILA  Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss Pink Moon
STILA  Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss Citrine

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