NEW from Lise Watier: Fall Féline Collection

NEW from Lise Watier: Fall Féline Collection

Some new goodies from Canadian cosmetic brand Lise Watier! Their Fall Féline Collection is now available on their website. I'm not going to the packaging on these guys are absolutely adorable. Who doesn't want a leopard printed palette? I mean, it just screams MEOW!

The colours in the palette are beautiful and I looks like they would make a really nice daytime eye look. Add some more of that coppery brown shade in the outer V and slap on some thick cat-eye liner, and BAM! You're a vixen of the night. Love the versatility of the collection.


Quatuor Féline Eyeshadow Quartet

$36 CA on

Four colours - champagne, luminous taupe, lace pink and coppery brow

Quatuor Féline Eyeshadow Quartet

Decorated with a chic leopard-print, this quartet offers ultra-pigmented colours. This long-lasting cream powder formula offers semi-matte to iridescent finishes for a natural or more refined look.

Tips & Tricks
Allow a minute for the shades to set on the eyelids before blending. The powder-cream formula will melt into the skin and will have longer staying power.

Féline Velvet Lip Lacquer
$23 CA on
2 Colours - Rouge and Nude 

Féline Velvet Lip Lacquer - Nude
Féline Velvet Lip Lacquer-Nude

With its highly pigmented matte formula, FÉLINE Velvet Lip Lacquer follows fall trends! Its creamy and non-sticky texture makes it very comfortable to wear. A long-lasting formula that offers a gorgeous matte finish and a perfect coverage!

Féline Eyeliner Hd - Brun
$20 CA on

Féline Eyeliner Hd - Brun

Féline Eyeliner HD defines all shapes of eyes and instantly intensifies the look with a single stroke, thanks to its ultra-pigmented formula that dries fast and makes a continuous line. Its fine soft-tip applicator makes eye makeup easy and precise for a basic or more sophisticated look.

Dermatologically and ophalmologically tested

Double Definition Automatic Brow Liner
$20 CA on
Three colours - Blonde, Brun Universel, Châtain

Double Definition Automatic Brow Liner in Blonde, Brun Universel and Châtain

For perfect brows that enhance the entire face, DOUBLE DEFINITION Automatic Brow Liner is the must-have multifunctional tool! The innovative oval tip defines and fills the brows, and the integrated brush structures them. Available in 3 different shades.

24 Hrs Glam Eyeshadow
$22 CA on
Six colours - see all colours here

24-Hrs Glam Eyeshadow

These waterproof eyeshadows glide on smoothly for a long-lasting, crease and smudge proof result. Easy to apply, they dry quickly, blend shortly after application and stay on until they are taken off! An integrated sharpener under the cap also provides a sharp tip at all times. These multifunctional crayons can be used as an eyeshadow, eyeliner or even as a base for your eye makeup.

Lise Watier

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