NEW from ColourPop: Fall in Love, Fall 2014 Collection

The up and coming makeup brand ColourPop has launched their new fall collection of individual eyeshadows TODAY. If you have never heard of them before, no worries, I didn't until I started to see reviews pop up all over YouTube. 

They're an American cosmetic brand that is cruelty free with all products made in California, U.S. Other then that, I don't know much else about them. They seem to only sell eyeshadows, with the majority in individual form. They do have a couple of quads, but that's as far as they go. As for the they say on their website - there is about a zillion to choose from.

Their eyeshadows come in various finishes - Metallic, Pearlized, Pressed Pigments, Satin, Tie Dye, and Ultra-Mettalic. They don't seem to carry any mattes so, if your solely into a matte eye look, this brand ant' for you. While I haven't tried any of these (yet), I'm thinking their satin finishes would work in a pinch for those who prefer a matte look, or a matte crease/blend colour. 

The PR girl in me finds it very interesting that an American company would spell their name with the Canadian/UK spelling of COLOUR. American's spell it COLOR. Weird? Just me? Come on! There has to be other spelling geeks reading my blog. Leave a comment down below if you're with me on this.

And while we are on the topic of writing, I have to give mad props to the person who is writing the descriptions of ColourPop's eyeshadows. Whoever they are, they sure know how to have fun with a job that comes with its fair share of challenges. I have included their descriptions down below for you all to enjoy.

You can purchase these eyeshadows on ColourPop's website only. 

All their individual eyeshadows are only $5 with $4.99 flat shipping rate in the United States. But if you order over $30 worth of products, your shipping is free. BUT, if your in Canada, the eyeshadows are still $5, but the flat shipping rate is $14.99. Basically, do not buy only one eyeshadow unless you want to spend $20+ on it. You definitely get the best deal when you buy in bulk. 

Let's get into the nitty gritty!


Fall in Love, Fall collection

Application tips:
For maximum coverage: Use fingertip and tap shadow onto eye lid. A flat, fine tip synthetic brush will work fabulously as well and is actually better for a more detailed application close to the lash line. However, your fingertips make for the most intense application.

To blend: 
Use a fluffy brush that has good movement, dip tip of the brush into the shadow and blend with a “wind shield wiper” movement throughout the crease of the eye. This will make your shadow softer and more diffused (like a total pro).

When finished: 
Close that sucker up tight! Don’t leave the jar opened for long periods of time, you may lose some of the magic that makes the Super Shock Shadow so amazzzing.

Tea Party
Tea Party
A versatile soft peachy pink with gazillion silver glitters and subtle hints of pale pink glitter. Highlight anything and everything with it! This shade is made for you if: you love pink champagne, sparkles, and tea parties (duh).


A deep warm brown with a red violet undertone leaving a satin finish – As warm as your coziest pair.

A rich blackened bronze highlighted with warm hints of pearlized glitter. I’m not saying you will get kissed under the stars when wearing it – but I’m not, not saying it…….

Yippe Ki yay Mother lovers, introducing your new favorite warm rusty brown with a satin finish.
Game Face

Game Face
Prepare to get rowdy with an intense penny copper with a liquid like ultra-metallic finish.

So Quiche

So Quiche
A soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome metallic finish…there are no words in the dictionary to describe this. Not even . Aka: this shade is hotter than hot – the F**king Queen of shadows.

A smoky mid-tone plum with warm and cool highlights of soft glitter. There won’t be any awkward silences when you wear this…

Get turnt up with a smoky olive with tons of gold glitter and a soft sprinkle of multi-colored sparkles in a metallic finish – or at least know you won’t ever get turnt down while wearing it.

Black drizzled with multiple shades of green and subtle hints of blue and gold glitter leaving a metallic finish – no longer will you have to take a selfie in shame.

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