NEW from Laura Mercier: Smoky Eye Palette Nude

Oh look another nude eye shadow palette! I mean I guess it's exciting...but to be honest I'm somewhat over every single brand coming out with their nude palettes. To be fair though, this new palette from Laura Mercier does look like it has all the quintessential you need. A matte cream shade for under your eyebrow or on your lid, a matte mid tone brown transition shade for your crease, a shimmer mid-tone shade for all over your lid, a matte medium neutral brown for your outer V or all over your lid for a smokey eye and of course a matte dark brown (almost black) shade for your outer V, deepen up any eye look or even line your lids. 

So maybe this is the palette we have all been looking for? It's a steep price though with it being on sale on Sephora's website for $60 CA from $95 CA. On the Laura Mercier website it's full price, so if your looking to snag it, make sure to hit up Sephora.

Let's get into the nitty gritty:

Smoky Eye Palette Nude

$60 CA Reduced from $90 CA on or $90 CA on
Four eyeshadows, one cake liner and three brushes

What it is:
A limited-edition eye palette with warm neutral shades that range from a mid-tone to definer to highlighter.

What it does:
Elevate your smoky eye with a smoldering nude eyes look. Hand-selected by Laura Mercier herself for this limited-edition palette, it also features Laura's cult classic Tightline Cake Eye Liner in Ground Espresso—the secret weapon for lining and defining. This palette is sleekly tucked into a chic line compact with three professional brushes.

This set contains:
- 4 x 0.04 oz Eye shades in Cocoa Brown, Bamboo, Fresco, Buff
- 0.03 oz Tightline Cake eyeliner in Ground Espresso
- Double-Ended eye crease/smudge brush
- Double-Ended Flat eyeliner/pointed eyeliner brush
- Eye color brush

Suggested Usage:

For base and highlight:
  • Use Buff eye shadow with the eye color brush. For added depth, mix with the Bamboo eye shadow. 
  • Use the eye color brush to sweep the lighter shade all over the eye lid, from lash line to brow. Blend well, as this acts as a base and highlighter for deeper shades to come. 
Eye crease and to intensify:
  • Use a mid-tone eye shade—Bamboo or Fresco—with the crease brush. 
  • To intensify, use the Cocoa Brown eye shade with the smudge brush. 
  • Use the crease brush to apply the mid-tone shade of eye color, beginning at the lash line and ending halfway up the eye lid to the crease; intensify using the smudge brush to apply Cocoa Brown eye shadow across the base of the upper lash line. 
Line and define:
  • Use Ground Espresso Tightline Cake eyeliner with the Double-Ended Flat eyeliner/Pointed eyeliner brush. 
  • Use the Tightline Cake eyeliner and Flat eyeliner brush to line and define eyes with Laura’s ‘tightline’ technique. 
To create the tightline eye look:
  • Dip the Flat eyeliner brush into clean water, then work the Tightline Cake eyeliner into a thick paste. 
  • Apply the Tightline Cake eyeliner underneath the root of the upper lash line by wiggling the brush between individual lashes. 
  • Reapply for added intensity.

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