Tini Beauty, Shadow Tint, Review and Swatches

Tini Beauty, Shadow Tint, Champagne and Spiced Rum (4g/0.14 oz)
Tini Beauty, Shadow Tint, Champagne and Spiced Rum, Review and Swatches
Tini Beauty, Shadow Tint, Champagne and Spiced Rum

I got Ipsy'd! Back in February I fell in love with Tini Beauty's Shadow Tint in Ambrosia, and I just had to take advantage of the savings you get through Ipsy. I grabbed two more of the Shadow Tint's that were on the more neutral color spectrum and yup! I love them just as much as the Ambrosia!

First off, the packaging is made out of see-through plastic and its pretty sleek looking. The one thing that throws me off every time with Tini Beauty products is the fact that brand is only represented with the martini glass on the top of the plastic twist cap. It makes for a sleek look, but a real pain when trying to figure out what the brand is. The product is applied via a wand that makes it super easy and fast to use.

The formula is a cream to powder texture that is really smooth.

Great colour payoff with these suckers. You can sheer them out or build the colour up for more intensity.

Campaign is a metallic bronze-gold colour and Spiced Rum is a metallic dark bronze colour.

Since the product is cream to powder it does set rather quickly, so you need to work fast when blending them out. Because of this thought, they last FOREVER on your eyelids without a primer. You do get a bit of creasing with no primer, but if you do use a primer you will be good to go for at least 12 hours.

All in all, I really love these Shadow Tint's by Tini Beauty. They aren't sold in stores...at least not in Canada, but you can find them on Tini Beauty's website for $18. 

Let me know your thoughts!
Love or hate cream eyeshadows?

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