Hard Candy Cheeks & Balances Cheek Duo, No. 805 Sweet Cheeks, Review and Swatches

Hard Candy Cheeks & Balances, No. 805 Sweet Cheeks (10.3g/0.36 oz)
Hard Candy Cheeks & Balances Cheek Duo, No. 805 Sweet Cheeks, Review and Swatches
Hard Candy Cheeks & Balances Cheek Duo, No. 805 Sweet Cheeks
I'm a sucker for cheeky multitasking products that propose to save you time by skipping a few steps in your morning beauty routine. Hard Candy took the plunge and created a product that argues it can highlight and contour with one swipe. "Cheeks & Balances provides a dual-toned stick that is designed to deliver the perfect amount of highlighter, and blush/bronzer to sculpt, color and illuminate cheeks." Sounds great right? Is it too good to be true?

Sadly, I have to say that this product does not perform the way it claims to. essentially you get a swipe of colour that requires major blending and very little highlighting. There are three colours available, but I grabbed the colour Sweet Cheeks for $7 at Wal-Mart.

So let's get into it.

The product comes in a square stick form that requires you to twist the bottom for product to come out. It's a pretty interesting in that it uses a swivel twist at the bottom but the package itself is square. It works, but it is unique. 

The product is a cream stick form that is little oily, but blendable. They give off a dewiness to the skin.

The weartime is about 4 hours without fading. This isn't a product to be used for a long day.

The lower cheek colour is rose colour with micro shimmer that is barely noticeable. Very sheer colour.
The upper cheek colour is peach colour with micro shimmer that is barely noticeable. The shimmer in this is not enough to call it a highlight.

All in all, I don't love this product. The product could perform better then it does. The sheerness means that multiple swipes are needed to build up any colour payoff. The highlight colour does not provide enough pigmentation to actually show up as a highlight. The weartime is only four hours and who only wears blush for four hours? With the cost of this blush at $7 at Wal-Mart, your not getting what you are paying for. Over priced and under delivered. :(

Let me know your thoughts!
Do you like a dewy finish to your blushes? 

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