NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup, No. 676 Ivory, Review and Swatches

NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup, No. 676 Ivory (29.5 ml/ 1fl. oz)
NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup, No. 676 Ivory, Review and Swatches
NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup, No. 676 Ivory

Budget foundation ALERT! This baby comes in at $2.99 at your local Wal-Mart's or on New York Color's online store. I couldn't resist checking this guy out for you all with a price tag like that. Let's get into it...
NYC claims this foundation will give you a "flawless complexion...with a smooth finish that lasts all day long. Its lightweight coverage also reduces the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles – with the color staying true up to 12 hours."

So does it hold true to it's lightweight, flawless and 12 hour wear claims? 

Keep in mind I have dry-normal skin.

Glass bottle gets a thumbs up for pump...thumbs down. But I deal with that, as most drugstore foundations do not come with one. But for this particular product, not having a pump was a HUGE deal breaker for me.

This is where having a pump is a necessity for this particular product. The foundation was SUPER goopy and refused to come out of the bottle when you tapped it onto your hand. I felt like I was trying to get ketchup from one of those old-fashion glass bottles. The product down-right refused to come out. I finally got a cue tip and managed to get enough product out to wear on my face. 

Once I got it out of the bottle, the texture of the product was a bit more on the thicker mousse side. While it was a thicker mousse consistency, I did not feel like it was heavy on my face. Easy enough to work with, but damn difficult to get out of the bottle.

Sorry, but a big FAIL for the texture.

I tried applying this foundation with my fingers, a Real Techniques Blending Brush and a Beauty Blender. 

Brush - Left streaks on my face
Fingers - Difficulty buffing out due to texture of the foundation
Beauty Blender - Great at blending, but the product started to break down  if too much moisture was in the sponge

Light to medium coverage. Not great at layering, so best to keep it to one layer.

The colour I grabbed was No. 676 Ivory, which is the lightest they offer out of six shades. The lack of shade selection is a major downside.

Matte to satin finish.

It did not last the whole 12 hours that it claims. As it is a light coverage foundation, I noticed the product start to break down on my chin and nose area about 4 hours into my day. By the 12 hour mark, it basically looked like I wasn't wearing any foundation at all.

All in all, I'm going to have to say pass on this foundation. There are loads of drugstore alternatives that are easier too work with and have a longer weartime. The fact that I was unable to get any product out of the bottle without the use of a cue-tip was a major major problem for me. Maybe I got a dud, and this product is truly awesome for someone, but as for me. Nope.

Let me know your thoughts!
Do you prefer a pump for your foundation or does the tap-tap method work just find for you?

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