Haul-a! Nail Polish Haul Featuring Revlon and L'Oreal

Haul-a! Nail Polish Haul Featuring Revlon and L'Oreal

So does anyone else find it impossible to enter a Wal-Mart without making a b-line to the beauty department? I sure do. It's a like a magnetic pull. I could be in the dairy section at the total opposite end of the store just to get milk and I will still wind up in the beauty section. Okay...I have a very real problem, but it feels good to be bad. 

I noticed a few new nail goodies at my local wally world and I just had to pick up a few to show you all. I grabbed three new shades of Revlon's Nail Enamels - No. 736 Elusive, No. 933 Chameleon, No 678 Graffiti Top Coat. I also grabbed a new gel system from L'Oreal - Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3. along with the Gel Lacque in Don't Shy Away. 

I'll be putting up reveiws and swatches of these real soon, so please stay tune! Yes, that rhymed.  

Let me know your thoughts!
Have you tried out any of these new nail polishes?

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