COMING SOON from L'Oréal Paris: La Palette Nude (Nude Palette)

L'Oréal Paris: La Palette Nude (Nude Palette)
La Palette Nude (Nude Palette)
Looks like L'Oréal is hopping on the nude palette bandwagon! Move over Maybelline's The Nudes Palette, here comes L'Oréal's La Palette Nude (Nude Palette)! Not gonna lie - this little guy looks alot more high-end then Maybelline's The Nudes. It's more reminiscent of its higher end brethren - Urban Decay's Naked Palette. But then again, L'Oréal has always been more on the pricier side for drugstore. 

The only price I could find for it is 25€ which roughly translates to $35 CA. I know. That's a lot of cash. I don't what the price will be once it hits the American/Canadian market but I would imagine it would only be a tad bit more then Maybelline's The Nudes. 

As for when it will be launching in the United States or idea. I'm simply the middle man. My internet snooping allows me to find little gems like this sometimes, and I wouldn't be surprised with we didn't get this palette over here for a while. 

The palette comes with ten eyeshadows that range from shimmer to matte. It looks like a nice selection of colours that should allow you to pull off a complete look. They have a couple of nice matte transition/blending shades, what looks to be a cream shimmer shade, a couple of pops of colour (orange-bronze and deep purple) and a few darker shades to deepen out the crease or outer V.

From what I could find, the palette will be released in France in November 2014. So, you lucky french readers - Enjoy! Also, leave a comment down below if you manage to snag yourself one of these puppies.

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