NEW! Make Up For Ever New Black Liners

NEW! Make Up For Ever New Black Liners
The black liner. The staple in most women's makeup bag. Fads may come and fad may go, but the black liner will never fade away. More recently on the catwalk, the use of the basic black liner has escalated to an artistry though calligraphic designs on the face and bodies of models. Reinvented the tried and true black liner may just be the ticket to dominating the market...Enter Make Up For Ever. They did just that. Three new black liners to assist women with their liner desires. Whether you want a retro, sophisticated, glam or rock look, one of the three new liners will do the trick.

It doesn't look like it's available yet for purchase on Sephora, but when it is, I'll be sure to let you all know.

Artist Liner (M-10 Matte Black) 0.28g 
A twist up pencil that never needs to be sharpened, this is the ideal liner for fans of black on black. Matte black colour in a super gliding, silky and blendable formula. 
NEW! Make Up For Ever New Black Liners
Artist Liner

Ink Liner (1 Matte Black) 3.5ml 
For the devotees of linear beauty, who will love the temporary tattoo effect that come from intense, super-matte strokes on the skin with perfect wear and hold. The Ink Liner defines the eyes with a rich matte black finish that stays put for 12-hours. 
NEW! Make Up For Ever New Black Liners
Ink Liner
Graphic Liner (1 Bright Black) 1ml The all in one liner to get seductive cat’s eyes and draw an accurate line with just the right thickness. Carbon black vinyl like liner that gives you 12-hour outrageous black vinyl formula for an intuitive application. 
NEW! Make Up For Ever New Black Liners
Graphic Liner

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