NEW! BECCA Lowlight Sculpting Perfector

 BECCA Lowlight Sculpting Perfector

Recently everyone has been obsessed with the Australian cosmetics line BECCA and for good reason. The have fantastic products! Their newest release is the Lowlight Sculpting Perfector which is basically a cream contour product. Do I want it? YES! Will I own it? MAYBE! 

I sadly only own one BECCA product - Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in Watermelon/ Moonstone (review coming soon). Not because I don't want any and not because I don't have access to it (my local Sephora has been carrying the line for a while now). It's just that it's bloody expensive! I know their products are worth the cost, so I might just have to bite the bullet and snag me some coveted items - Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, Moonstone AND Rose Gold, Mineral Blush in Wild Honey, and Flowerchild.
Anywho! Let's get into the details.


BECCA Lowlight Sculpting Perfector
$46 CA on
0.28 oz
What it is:
An adaptive contouring cream that combines the warmth of skin-authentic undertones with natural-looking shadows for a sculpted look.

What it does:
Show off natural-looking depth and dimension by accentuating the low points of the face. Use this blendable cream with Shimmering Skin Perfector™ or your highlighter of choice to create a perfectly-contoured look. From looks that emphasize light and lift, to definition and dimension, this formula works on all skin types.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

Suggested Usage:
To create a definition and dimension look:

  • Using the Lowlight Sculpting Perfector, stipple the corner of your One Perfecting Brush over the compact. 
  • Trace the number 3 along the perimeter of the face, starting at the center of the forehead and tracing along your hairline. 
  • Moving down to the middle of the ear, brush along the hollow of your cheek, and sweep back to the ear and continue down along the jaw line. 
  • Lowlight Sculpting Perfector is a buildable and blendable formula, so repeat until you get your desired look. 
  • Using the brush, buff the Lowlight Sculpting Perfector into the skin until well blended. 
To create a light and lift look:
  • Using Shimmering Skin Perfector™ or your highlighter of choice, trace the letter C around your eye in one continuous sweep with The One Perfecting Brush. 
  • Start at the middle of your forehead and sweep all the way around the temple and on top of the cheekbone. 
  • Repeat motion as necessary, until product is blended.
 BECCA Lowlight Sculpting Perfector
 BECCA Lowlight Sculpting Perfector 
 BECCA Lowlight Sculpting Perfector
 BECCA Lowlight Sculpting Perfector 

 BECCA Lowlight Sculpting Perfector
 BECCA Lowlight Sculpting Perfector 

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