NEW: Shu Uemura, Tint in Gelato: Lip and Cheek Color

I'm loving this trend of multipurpose products that can be used for your lips and cheeks. Loads of beauty brands are hopping on the bandwagon, and it alright with me. Who doesn't love the idea of cutting down time and money on beauty products?
There are 12 colours available of Shu Uemura's new lip gloss/cheek tints. I'm kinda digging the Mama Sweet and Blood Orange colours. I think they would look great on both my lips and cheeks. 

You can pick these guys up now on Shu Uemura's website.

Side note, if you make a purchase online right now, you a get a free 3 piece summer cleansing oil set with the promo code SPRINGTINT.

With so many products available that are multipurpose, the whole matching your lip to your cheek "monochromatic" look is totally making a comeback. Plus, it totally takes away that awful process of choosing a blush to match your look.

What do you think? Love or hate multipurpose beauty products? 

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